Who is the audience for this curriculum?

This curriculum unit is geared to an international audience and can be used in public schools, religious schools and private schools as well as with youth organizations.

But given the obvious connection between the content of this unit and the field of religion, these lessons can easily be adapted for use in religious schools. This curriculum will also be useful in youth education programs in synagogues, mosques, temples, meditation centers, churches, gurdwaras, and spiritual fellowships.

Around the world, there is a rapidly-growing interfaith youth movement. Some lessons from this unit can be adapted for use in interfaith youth gatherings.

Another audience I see for this curriculum unit are youth organizations that do not identify themselves as explicitly “religious” or “spiritual.”

This unit is geared to students at the Grade 7 (age 13) to Grade 12 (age 18) levels. Some of the language used in discussion questions and journaling questions in this document will have to be adapted for use in lower grades.

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