Golden Rule PosterCurriculum Section One: Rules that I live by!

  1. Overview
  2. Lesson One – Rules in my peer group
  3. Lesson Two – Rules at home
  4. Lesson Three – Rules in society
  5. Lesson Four – Making our own rules
  6. Lesson Five – Lord of the Flies
  7. Lesson Six – Rules in sports
  8. Lesson Seven – Why rules?

6.1  Overview

In this section, students are invited to reflect on the place that rules, “rules for living” or guidelines for living play in their lives, and specifically in four areas: peer group, home life, community/societal life and sports activity. In Lesson Four, the students will participate in a decision-making experience in which they determine the rules in a given community.

These reflections will help the students understand the role and importance of rules in society. The students will be asked to brainstorm as to the place that rules or guidelines for living, play in their lives. Prior to the lessons, the teacher may want to ask each of the students to write about their ideas on these subjects.

There are seven lessons in this first section. The teacher may decide that it is not necessary to teach all seven lessons before proceeding to Curriculum Unit Two.

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