Appendix 7     Suggested journal questions for Curriculum Section Four

  • We have been studying circles. Can you name two things you have learned in studying circles? Explain.
  • Do you see a connection between circles and rules? Explain.
  • In what ways is your life a little like a circle? Are you happy about the circles in your life? Are there any things that you do not like about the circles in your life? Explain.
  • If living one’s life according to the concept of a circle is a good thing, can you think of any difficulties involved in maintaining this way of living? Explain.
  • The sun and moon are circular in shape. Like the sun, are you a giver of life, light, and warmth to others? Or, like the moon, are you a reflector of light? Does your set of personal “rules” give life to others, just as Planet Earth gives life to its many human and non-human occupants? Does your set of personal “rules” help or aid others? Does your set of “rules” make you a giver or a taker? Explain.
  • Oftentimes, things that are scarce become very valuable. On our planet, gold is a scarce commodity, which in turn makes it even more valuable. Do you personally feel that our world, as you experience it today, could benefit from the use of more rules that are made of “gold”? Explain.
  • Can you see a connection between the design of the Golden Rule Poster and your understanding of the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • Can you think of some ways that we as individuals in our local community can encourage other people around the world to practice the Golden Rule?
  • Is it realistic to expect the Golden Rule to inspire cultures, ethnic groups, nations, and religions to interact in a more respectful way? Explain.
  • Is the Golden Rule just a guideline about how one person should treat another person? Or can the Golden Rule be a guideline for how one group of people treats another group of people? For example, how one family can treat other families? How one culture can treat other cultures? How one ethnic group can treat other ethnic groups? How one nation can treat other nations? Explain.
  • What would the world be like if all the people on our planet lived their lives according to the Golden Rule?
  • What is a rule?
  • What is a circle?
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