7.2  Lesson One – Courageous people that I admire

Time required: 55 minutes
Materials required: chart paper and marker pens

Teacher instructions:

The teacher begins by reviewing what has been covered in the previous section. The teacher may want to post the chart paper lists that were generated in Curriculum Section One.

Prior to this lesson, the students are assigned, as a homework exercise, to think about one individual whom he/she admires, that is, a person who has demonstrated a strong commitment in terms of service to humanity by adhering to his/her principles, values and rules for living. This person can be a close acquaintance, a family member, a well-known citizen of one’s country or community, or a historical figure.

As homework and in preparation for the lesson, the students are asked to record in a journal the various qualities of the person whom he/she admires, qualities such as patience, friendliness, politeness, courage, generosity, integrity, sensitivity, compassion, and service to humanity.

In the lesson itself, each student gives the name of his/her chosen individual and shares two to five qualities of that person. Student responses can be recorded on chart paper so that the recorded human qualities, values and virtues can be compared and reflected on. After each student shares, the teacher poses a question or questions to the individual student. Sample trigger questions are listed below:

  • You have just mentioned the name and some personal values of an individual who is strongly committed to following her/his own values and rules for living. Tell us more about this person.
  • Explain how this individual puts into practice his/her values and principles. (If this is an historical person, the tense and wording of this question will have to be adjusted.)
  • How, in your opinion, do other people react to this individual? Is he/she well-liked and respected? Does he/she endure any challenges or opposition for adhering to his/her values or rules for living? (If this is a historical person, the tense of this question will have to be adjusted.)
  • Has this person had any influence on your life? If yes, what has it been?
  • Would you like to become more like this person? Explain.
  • Why did you pick this person?

The teacher encourages feedback and discussion among the students. This feedback/discussion can occur after each presentation.

Journal activity: Let’s write about it!

For journal questions to stimulate the students’ written reflections after or during class, see Appendix 4.

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