3.3   The Golden Rule: A universal principle?

Materials required

  • Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster. To view or order poster, click here.
  • A listing of the 13 expressions of the Golden Rule. To access this listing, click here. To avoid printing all five available languages, select only the language you need.


    1. Prepare yourself
      Prepare yourself for meditation by any means that you find to be effective. You may want to consider Appendix 4: Tips for preparing for meditation and reflection.
  1. The Golden Rule
    In a slow and reflective fashion, read the 13 expressions of the Golden Rule. Take as much time as you need with these writings.
  2. Re-read
    Re-read the 13 writings noting similarities and differences in the content and meaning of the various expressions. Do you see one universal principle or theme underlying the 13 writings? If so, what is it? Jot it down on paper. Perhaps you see more than one universal theme or principle.
  3. A golden image
    Spend time gazing upon the poster as an image. Allow it to speak to you. Study the visual elements of the poster – its overall design, its various shapes, lines, colours. Consider how these various elements relate to one another. Reflect on the symbolic meaning of the poster image.
  4. A universal principle?
    If in Step #3 you identified one underlying theme running through the 13 writings, do you see the poster as a symbolic expression of this one universal principle? Explain.
  5. Record your thoughts
    Spend some time gathering any insights or reflections that came to you throughout this exercise. Jot down your thoughts in a journal. To deepen your reflection, consider one or more of the following questions:

    • What was it like for me to do this meditation?
    • At what points during this meditation was I moved? Inspired? Challenged?
    • What questions or issues have been raised for me?
    • What new insights have I gained?
    • What did I learn about myself?
    • As a result of this meditation, what aspect of my life might I consider changing?
    • As a result of this meditation, I feel moved to…..
    • What did I learn about the Golden Rule? About the world we live in?
  6. A group experience
    For instructions on how to adapt this meditation for a group experience, see Appendix 3: Application to a Group Experience.
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