2.2   Written meditation

Materials required: a listing of the 13 expressions of the Golden Rule. To access this listing, click here. To avoid printing all five available languages, select only the language you need.


    1. Prepare yourself
      Prepare yourself for meditation by any means that you find to be effective. You may want to consider Appendix 4: Tips for preparing for meditation and reflection.
    2. The Golden Rule
      In a slow and reflective fashion, read the 13 expressions of the Golden Rule. Take as much time as you need with these writings.
    3. In your own words
      Write a brief general statement that captures what you hear being expressed in these 13 sacred writings (e.g. “To me, these writings are saying that…”).
  1. Re-read
    Read the various versions of the Golden Rule again.
  2. Write down what strikes you
    As you reflect on the various expressions of the Golden Rule, what strikes you? What pleasant or unpleasant thoughts, feelings, memories, images or questions come to mind? Listen to your inner reactions (positive or negative) and write them down uncensored. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or sentence structure.
  3. Making connections
    Reflect on what you have written. What connections can you make? What do your spontaneous reactions say to you? What new insights come to you? Write a short paragraph about the main insights you have received in this exercise thus far.
  4. Going deeper
    Review everything you have written. Jot down any additional feelings and insights that come to you as you ponder what you have written. Ask yourself, “How will I be different now that I have reflected in this way?” “Do I feel moved to start doing something or to stop doing something or to continue doing something as a result of this period of reflection?”
  5. Application to a group experience
    For instructions on how to adapt this meditation for a group experience, see Appendix 3: Application to a group experience.
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