About the authors

Five writers collaborated in the compilation of these meditation exercises:

Paul McKenna, MA, teaches, writes and consults in the fields of world religions and interfaith dialogue. Paul collaborated with a number of people in creating the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster. Currently he functions as the Interfaith Coordinator for Scarboro Missions.

Leslie Gabriel Mezei is an interfaith minister who regularly conducts The Universal Worship Service. A peace promoter and a multi-faith educator, Leslie has made a major contribution to interfaith networking in the Greater Toronto Area.

Charles Purdy has committed his life to community service, peace-making and global justice. For the past eight years he has been involved with the work of Non-governmental Organizations at the United Nations. Currently he is involved in an effort to restore peace to Sri Lanka.

Kathy (VanLoon) Gillis is a graphic artist and was editor of Scarboro Missions magazine in its final 15 years of publication. Kathy collaborated with a number of artists in designing the Golden Rule Poster.

David Warren SFM, is a priest member of Scarboro Missions. David worked for a number of years in the Philippines. In recent years he has done academic studies in Islam, the Arabic language and inter-religious dialogue. He is committed to building bridges between Christians and Muslims.

The quality of this document is also the result of consultation with a number of individuals committed to inter-racial, intercultural and inter-religious cooperation:

Chris Atkinson
Carole Bayley
Terry Gallagher SFM
Helene Ijaz
Susan Keays
Patricia O’Connor
Mary Olenick
Barbara McDowall
Greg McKenna
Tony Muhitch
Kathy Murtha
Joseph Romain
Roslyn Rus
DeeAnn Sagar
Roy Sakaguchi
Michael Way Skinner
John Sullivan
Michael Traher SFM
Sharon Willan
J.W. Windland

The methodology of this document has also been influenced by the work of Rev. John English, SJ (1924-2004) of Canada. English is recognized for his ability to adapt spiritual methodologies for group process.

Scarboro Missions is grateful for the skilful efforts of all the individuals involved in this project.

Published by Scarboro Missions (Toronto, Canada)

Copyright © Scarboro Missions 2006


Scarboro Missions encourages the reproduction and use of this document for educational purposes for limited distribution. For permission to reproduce this document for commercial use or large-scale distribution, contact Paul McKenna at interfaithgold@gmail.com

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