Appendix 4: Tips for preparing for meditation and reflection

The following tips may help you prepare for the various meditation exercises outlined in this document:

  • Choose an appropriate time for your meditation/reflection-a time when you will not be disturbed by other persons, the phone, the TV, and so on.
  • Unplug your house phone and turn off your cell phone 10 minutes before your meditation. Do not reactivate your phones until a period of 10 minutes has elapsed after the meditation/reflection.
  • It is likely that your meditation will be enhanced if, just prior to your meditation/reflection, you avoid distracting activities e.g. watching television.
  • For your meditation, find a suitable place in your home or a favourite locale in nature.
  • Take time to slow down your mind, your emotions and your body. You may want to do some deep breathing exercises, yoga or another form of physical movement. Or you may want to simply sit in stillness.
  • Realize that harmony of body and spirit is important. Adopt a body stance that is peaceful, balanced, relaxed and alert. Try to keep your back as straight as possible
  • You may want to light a candle and close the curtains in order to create a meditative atmosphere.
  • Open your heart and mind. As a final preparatory gesture, you may want to centre yourself by:
    • maintaining silence
    • repeating a mantra
    • asking for spiritual help
    • making a prayer of offering or dedication
    • using any appropriate preparatory practice in your faith tradition
    • using any preparatory practice that works for you
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