Appendix 1: Comments about the Golden Rule Poster

Many people who view the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster are struck by its theme of unity and more specifically the theme of unity within the international human community. Here follows some written comments from people about the design of the poster. These comments may be very useful to any facilitator who wants to adapt some of the meditation exercises for a group reflection experience:

  • “The poster has lots of circles. Not only that – on the poster there is a circle of circles. The circle is a universal symbol.”
  • “I find the poster to be very powerful – but it’s not an overwhelming or imposed type of power. I think that’s because the colours on the poster are soft and pastel. For me these soft colours represent the gentle and compassionate treatment that the peoples of the world should demonstrate to one another.”
  • “For me the lines on the poster say a lot. I see the lines that go out from the globe at the centre as rays of light that go out from the world to the entire universe, connecting the earth to the universe. Conversely, I can look at these lines as rays of light that come from the outside, warming and connecting all members of the global community. I see the longitude/latitude lines on the globe as performing the role of connecting the various continents to other continents in a single global community. Accordingly, all countries in the world must of necessity cooperate with international rules – e.g. the Geneva conventions, the International Court, resolutions of the United Nations.”
  • “The first time I saw the poster, it caught me out of the corner of my eye. Then I went and looked at it and was transfixed by it. I stood there looking at it for several minutes. My feeling is that the poster pulls you in gently, and then it pitches something back to you. And what it pitches back to you is our unity, our oneness… the fact that we are all one.”
  • “When I first saw the poster, I stopped in my tracks. I was amazed at how quickly it touched me. The message of this poster is incredibly powerful in its simplicity. The poster manages to unite every corner of the planet with one essential statement.”
  • “Early this morning, I passed through the airport here in Munich, Germany. When I saw your beautiful poster, I was so deeply touched in my soul that I immediately looked up your homepage on the Internet.”
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