Appendix 3: Application to a group experience

With the exception of Meditation #2.13, the various meditation options in this document are designed for individual use. But these reflections can also be adapted for a group experience. Here are some guidelines for any facilitator who wants to organize a group reflection:

  1. Under the guidance of the facilitator, individuals work privately and in silence, making their way through the various steps of the given meditation. These steps are already outlined in each of the meditation exercises in this document.
  2. After completing the last step in the individual meditation process, participants work in pairs or groups of three, sharing their experience of and learnings from this exercise. Participants are encouraged to share as much as they feel comfortable sharing.
  3. Participants can also share their written reflections with one another, although the right to privacy in this regard must be emphasized and respected.
  4. Next, some of these learnings can be shared and discussed in a plenary session that includes all participants. During the plenary process, it may be helpful to record the learnings on chart paper and note emerging themes.
  5. The facilitator is responsible for providing the required materials and for creating and managing the schedule. The facilitator is free to make adaptations to the activity schedule suggested here.
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